Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Full Series Update~

For whatever reason all the popular anime's airdates were all pushed back to the 19th. We'll see what happens. But Luckily during this time i finally got all the episodes of Michiko to Hatchin converted~ So i'll leave my list here as usual and add them and i upload them. I still need to inject the series and episode info into the zune mp4s and upload them to mediafire. At the same time i also need to convert the original .avi into flv so i can stream them. So as usual this update will take all day~

Michiko to Hatchin
☑Episode 01
☑Episode 02
☑Episode 03
☑Episode 04
☑Episode 05
☑Episode 06
☑Episode 07
☑Episode 08
☑Episode 09
☑Episode 10
☑Episode 11
☑Episode 12
☑Episode 13
☑Episode 14
☑Episode 15
☑Episode 16
☑Episode 17
☑Episode 18
☑Episode 19
☑Episode 20
☑Episode 21
☑Episode 22

EDIT- My streaming host is down for maintenance. All the zunefiles are uploaded to mediafire tho. I'll add the eps and streams after my stream host lets me upload the flvs.

Edit again~ I sure wish things would go as planned for once. XD Well the FLVs are uploading now at least.

Done! All 22 episodes up! Lemme know if they're any problems~

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